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Martha O'Brien

Wellness Counselor


Martha's work with clients connects psychology, spirituality, and mind-body health to encourage others to create and keep practices that enhance their health and well-being.


Practices include: meditation, movement, healthy eating, time in nature, journaling, and numerous others. Taking a pause to stop the rush of ego and return to present-moment-awareness is also a well-being practice.


Contemplative study, silent retreats, and practices have prepared Martha to guide others. She holds certificates in wellness counseling and spiritual formation. Her studies in Jungian psychology earned her a Masters' Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She began a daily centering prayer practice  over 25 years ago and facilitates a weekly centering prayer group in Nashville.


Kathleen Dowling Singh in her book The Grace in Aging says: “A committed, formal sitting practice is essential if we wish to awaken.”  She adds that we might become kinder without a daily sitting practice, but it is not likely we will ripen all of our positive possibilities without a discipline of meditation. 

Martha O'Brien


Together, we make a plan for you to create practices that promote well-being. When people feel supported and encouraged they are willing to take on even the most difficult tasks.


Practice is dynamic and transforms us [changes our form]. When we practice we change our response to Life and become more present in our relationships. Our practices support our personal growth and also the whole of humanity. When something difficult arises in a life situation, we can be grateful because it gives us a chance to practice.

A session can be on the phone or in person. Please call to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your needs via the contact form.

Martha is a pivotal influence in my transformation from living with fear-based negative thoughts to courage, confidence, and “Wonder Woman” living. She is exceptional in her ability to collaborate enabling me to write a new life story filled with meaning and purpose. I am so grateful for Martha’s support and wealth of inspiration and insight. I look forward to continuing our collaboration!

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